Monday, June 12, 2006

Capt_Tattoo Hopes To Shed Chubby Image

Capt_Tattoo (seen cavorting around 600 NL and 1K NL currently, with a moderate winrate), seems to have a new goal besides stacking fish and fawning over EmpireMaker2 and loloTRICKEDu. According to this post in BBV on 2+2, he's lost a record-breaking twenty-five pounds. Now he only weighs 175 lbs.

"Last time I went to McDonalds for breakfeast I had 1 egg mcmuffin and 1 hashbrown and a water. 6 months ago I would of had 2 egg mcmuffins, 1 hashbrown, and an orange juice", he says. He also has taken the special diet known as "filling up" on healthy foods such as "corn on the cob" before moving on to the "fatty things" like meat and potatoes.

Better known as RikaKazak on 2+2, Capt_Tattoo has also been seen multiple times berating fish at the tables. He prefers to mention numbers and stats liberally, letting people know about Poker Tracker and "stats". Let us hope he spends more time dieting than educating.

In related news, it seems many other overweight 2+2ers are looking to Capt_Tattoo for assistance: "I got a bunch of pm's last time about how I'm doing it". If you're a fat poker player, you know who to turn to.

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